Dynamic Spectrum Mapper V2

Dynamic Spectrum Mapper V2
Dynamic Spectrum Mapper V2

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Prismatic Compressor
& Mastering Limiter

  • Unique Spectrum Capture System for highly capable, sympathetic and adaptive multi-band compression
  • One-button Mastering Limiter, transparent below -1dBFS, adding loudness, power and presence
  • Capable of both dramatic artistic effects, or subtle nuanced enhancement using parallel compression via the blend control
  • Extremely powerful de-essing and vocal control using authentic underlying programme spectrum
  • Match different-sounding tracks, or map sounds between different tracks, using spectral compression
  • Personalise mixes and masters in brand new ways
New features in DSM V2
  • Supports 32 & 64-bit AU, VST, RTAS and AAX (Native & DSP)
  • Effect blend control
  • Output level trim control
  • Save/Load multiple spectrum captures

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DSM V2 64-bit

DSM V2 is 64-bit compatible and supports AAX.


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