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9 / 10
"eminently precise"
"excels for vocals"
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It has now become my go-to plug for that end of mix mastering, it excels, even in those quickie mastering jobs at the end of a long day! I love the way it seems to keep the integrity of the mix together, it doesn't flatten off the kick or snare and it keeps the punchiness intact.

I've also used it very successfully on a de-essing job (the kind where the sibilance is louder than the consonants and vowels!). To be honest I don't think I've yet discovered half of what the DSM is capable of.

Alan Smyth
Arctic Monkeys, Pulp, Reverend and the Makers, Richard Hawley, Monkey Swallows the Universe, The Lodger, 65 daysofstatic, Little Man Tate, Milburn, Slow Down Tallahassee, Seafruit

I just wanted to let you know that I've been using the DSM plug-in during my mix session this week, on several "problem" vocal tracks and it's fantastic!

The problems ranged from changing vocal tone due to bad mic technique, moving in and out on the mic, to typical sibilance issues.

I managed to sort out the problems really quickly by capturing from a "good" part of the vocal track and then using the threshold control to choose how much to treat the whole vocal - very good results, and very quick... Great stuff!

Mick Glossop

Now I am mixing an Italian pop production and every vocal track has been processed by the DSM. Now I can't live without it.

Ranieri Senni

Just wanted to email you to tell you how much I love the DSM plug-in. It's a revolutionary piece of engineering sonically. It's indispensable already for me.... you nailed it. I have quite a lot of your work over the years and love them all (hardware & software), but the DSM is a masterpiece and exactly what I've been hoping for.

Peter Moshay
Owner/Chief Engineer, A-PAWLING Studio Hall and Oates, Des'ree, Mariah Carey, Paula Abdul, Elton John, B B King

The Dynamic Spectrum Mapper is a "next generation" plugin, expanding the possibilities of manipulating audio in a fresh and modern way.

The dynamic processing of the DSM sounds much more musical and "unprocessed" than my former EQ and compression methods. And you get fantastic results very quick. You can pick up a sound and try it on your signal, that's a much more creative and intuitive way of working than my standard procedures.

Before, I had about 5 plugins in my master chain, I have been able to replace them all by this one. I simply love this plugin!

Andreas Koslik
TV and Film composer and lecturer, Berlin

WOW. This does crazy good things I can't figure. When that happens, I know I've got a tool I won't tire of. Use it everyday. You may be amazed at the results.

Tchad Blake

In the world of audio production, engineers are often faced with iconic outboard equipment, and many times software developers try to emulate the sound of this gear to make it easier to work in the box. Sometimes they get close sometimes less so.

But where your plugin has really hit the mark is that it has gone beyond what outboard can do and re-invents where plugins should be going. It is a new frontier that delivers brand new and fantastic sounding tools to the audio engineer. This ground breaking approach is what DAW's should be about.

This Plug in is a fixer, it's a mixer, it's a compressor, it's a track enhancer, it's a de-esser, it's sooo good and can be sooo transparent - I still A/B it in disbelief.

I've had great success on the mix bus, emulating the nature of other mixes, great applications on vocals and bass. I am so unused to how amazing the sound is, and how easy it is to use, that I am still excited every time I fire it up. This is one of the few pieces of gear that makes the hair stand up on my neck. GREAT JOB

Mark Kondracki
Owner/Chief Engineer, Outloud Audio,, John Lennon restoration, Lucy Woodward, Interscope recording artist - The Clique Girlz, Discovery Channel

I would say that the DSM is a unique processor within the Pro Tools range of plug-ins and is my first "go-to" for my mastering and mixing jobs. I love the control of dynamics and the tonality that it offers to every project I use it on.

David Briggs Lecturer, Victoria University, Australia. Advanced Digital Audio. Applied Acoustic Design.

The DSM is probably one of the most amazing plugins I have at the studio. No matter what kind of music I am working on, if I want to give it some character, all I have to do is use DSM and everything gets magical!! I just love it!

David Hadzis

This thing really is amazing. I no longer have to worry about loud. After a few days of using this plug-in, I think it's amazing. There are a ton of things I haven't come close to figuring out yet, but using it just as a limiter to make stuff louder, unbelievable... The more I use this plug, the more it amazes me.

Josh Fields

Tried this today with very good results. I'm buying it! I have used it in music production, as well as TV and radio commercial production. Instant success!

Petri Lapintie

I have used it on vocals – spoken dialog, an operatic female vox and low male rap voice. This thing can really add life to material. Also it can add color and keeps the original bounce or energy. This is where most plugs suck as they will take away the life of the material.

David Teren

This plug rocks. Rock on.


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